Adopt a Senior - Annabella

Adopt a Senior - Annabella
Annabella came to us from a Denver shelter, via foster care. She is 8 years old, responsive and good on a leash. The exclusive focus provided to her by one of our dedicated volunteers has paid off in big ways: Annabella completed a doggie "manners" class and was a star pupil !! She has a lot of energy and benefits from good direction and consistency. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES people and is exceptionally good with kids. Annabella has very pretty features and lots of charm! Now, the reason she hasn't yet been adopted --with other dogs, Annabella is territorial of her space and can be dog aggressive. Although she has been doing much better in that department, she will require placement as a solo pet.
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Buddy is one of the cutest, most interesting mix of breeds you'll ever see! He has the beautiful butterfly ears and markings of the Papillon blended into the body of a Corgi! He is an owner-surrender with an even temperament and high intelligence. He is good with kids, an active fellow and is well on his way to being house-trained. Buddy is a little shy and needs training, but will come around; he is, after all, only 1 year old or less.
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