About Us


Annie's Orphans, located in Durango, Colorado, provides a safe haven for the abandoned, neglected, and abused pet population and has offered this service for over thirty years. These dogs have a home with us until the best adoptive homes can be found. Since our inception, we have placed thousands of dogs in carefully selected homes and have provided life-long shelter and care to countless others.  

By taking on the gamut, we are accepting the possibility that a quick re-homing, for some, may not be likely. If an animal is either too sick, too traumatized or otherwise "unadoptable," s/he has a forever home at Annie's. The “Sanctuary” component of our facility shelters and cares for these dogs indefinitely, while those Sanctuary dogs with a chance at “becoming adoptable” are given as much training focus as possible.

The dogs residing at Annie’s Orphans that are readily adoptable and those that will fit well into a specified type of adoptive-home are listed on our “Adopt” pages. Annie’s Orphans is their secure harbor while life-long matches are being sought.