About Us


Annie's Orphans, located in Durango, Colorado, provides a safe haven for the abandoned, neglected, and abused pet population. These animals have a home with us until the best adoptive homes can be found. If an animal is either too sick or otherwise "unadoptable," they have a forever home at Annie's. We will NEVER euthanize an animal for any reason other than end-of-life situations. 

Some of these animals come to us with chronic health problems or are too traumatized to adjust to a new human family. Our reach extends to dogs that are in need of costly medical interventions, seniors, dogs requiring behavioral training, starved or malnourished dogs who temporarily fail food-aggression tests, those scarred from fighting or abuse, dogs who require a single-pet home, shy/disengaged pets, and those afraid of children. By taking on the gamut, we are accepting the possibility that a quick re-homing may not be likely.