Courtesy Postings

Following, are dogs we’ve been asked to post. Each is in need of a new, loving home. Because these dogs are not on location at Annie’s Orphans, we are describing them as they’ve been described to us. Individual contact information is provided for each pet.



Aspen is a courtesy posting and, as such, is not on-site and is represented as described to us. Please contact the number at the end of the bio for more info: Aspen, a female Siberian Husky, is approximately 10 years old. She was a rescue from Las Cruces, NM, and has been in Albuquerque with the same family for 9 years. As her current family has had some children, it's become apparent that Aspen is not good around toddlers and will snap at and act aggressively if her tail is touched. Aspen is a high energy dog that loves to go on walks. She would do best in an active family, as an only dog in a household with no small children. Aspen needs a fenced yard and walks on leash. For more information, please call: 505-206-8442.

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Sex: Female

Age: Senior

Adoption Status: Adoptable

Breed: Siberian Husky



Angel is a sweet, beautiful, blue-eyed, seven year old Husky/Australian Shepherd mix. She’s looking for an active, outdoorsy person or family who would love and appreciate her. Angel was a starving stray at a gas station on the reservation and has that wonderful, kind personality of rescued dogs. She just loves people, loves children. She is outgoing, laid back and a very fun pet. She has a dominant personality and plays rowdy with her dog friends. She's very vocal when playing and it almost sounds like she's fighting, but that's just her style. She will play all day long at doggie daycare and doesn't stop until she gets picked up. Angel loves to go for rides in the vehicle and romps out in the fields and open areas. She always pulls on the leash--it seems to be in her genes-- although not horribly. She has a fast pace and wants to move out, so no leisurely walks with this dog! A harness works the best for her comfort. She does not jump or dig under fences, stays in the yard and doesn't get on furniture when indoors. She doesn't bark much. She loves her best friend dog in the household, but has a problem with another one of our dogs and continues to periodically attack her. Normally she is not aggressive and would just put another dog in it's place and walk away. There have been some dogs she instantly doesn't like but she doesn't react unless they challenge her, and this has only happened a couple of times in the past. Angel is spayed, micro-chipped, and current on all vaccinations and heart-worm meds. We need an excellent home for her and would like to be able to keep in touch with her new people. 505-258-5582 or 505-436-2876 for more information.

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Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Adoption Status: Adoptable

Breed: Husky/Aussie mix



Age: 3 yo.    Size: Medium build

Katie is up to date on shots, has registration papers and is chipped. She is also fixed. Katie is house trained, kind, over-protective of owners, (but still a sweetheart in a home setting). She is a home-body and loves to spend time with her owner(s); Katie loves kids and is fond of female figures over male figures. It takes Katie a couple minutes to warm up to men that have good energy around them. She is very intelligent and loves to shake hands. Katie enjoys rolling around in the grass and being taken for morning/evening walks. Call (505) 406-6112.

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Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Adoption Status: Adoptable

Breed: Labrador/Pit Bull


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