Wags, Bows and Kudos!

Over the many years of Annie’s Orphans’ “dogged” pursuit of finding great homes and providing for the needs of our canine friends, we have gratefully received many positive wags and kudos from adopters, those whom we’ve assisted through our services and others within our kind community of dog-loyal folks. Here are some of our favorites from recent compilations of heart-warming words shared about us:


I am so thankful for this rescue. Annie is so wonderful. She took a dog that was kicked out of a car by his owner up in the mountains in California. This dog suffered at the hands of his owner and then wound up in a shelter to be euthanized. Annie rescued this dog for me just in the nick of time. He was already on the euthanization table and would have been dead in 20 minutes when Annie stepped up to save him. Thank u so much Annie. Without you another beautiful furbaby would be dead. Hopefully Buck will find a loving home Colorado. I will forever be thankful for Annie's orphans. ~Ludmilla C., Riverside, CA 6/2018

I have known Anna Anderson for more than 10 years…Anna is a wonderful lady and…loves each and every dog with her whole heart.  Anna gives excellent care to each and every animal.  She checks out every owner, animal and the veterinary care they have received.  She provides excellent medical care for each animal.  I can not say enough good about Anna and her no kill shelter…Five stars for Anna Anderson and Annie’s Orphans. ~Susan C., Grand Junction, CO 6/2018

Annie's Orphans has been around as long as I have been alive (33 yrs). So many animals lives have been saved because of this place. Anna is an amazing person and has dedicated everything to making sure, these animals find amazing long term homes and if they do live out there life at the shelter, I can guarantee that they are very happy and well taken care of. I'm not sure what our community and many others would do without Annie's orphans. Heather M., Durango, CO 6/2018


I have known Anna and Annie's Orphans since the 90s.  There is no better sanctuary.  Anna, her husband and the staff and volunteers provide the very best in care, veterinary needs, love and compassion for every animal in their care.  Every single animal goes through assessments and is given the very best for their needs.  Adopters  are carefully screened and chosen for those animals able to go on to live lives as family in their own home.  For those who stay, the sanctuary is their heaven on earth.  I know first-hand how hard Anna works for the animals.  The sanctuary is her whole life.  I was a former shelter director and Animal Control as well as a private rescuer.  When I was faced with animals, mostly dogs and hybrid dogs, who had no options, Anna always found a way to make a place for them.  Her passion never stops.  Many dogs, cats, humans and other animals owe their lives and thanks to Annie's Orphans.  We are fortunate to have them in our community, and I feel especially fortunate to consider Anna a friend. ~Clare W., Ignacio, CO 6/2018

I adopted my dog Maddie from Annie's several years ago.  I was overwhelmed and moved by the number of dogs she cares for.  She knows each of her dogs and years later, at least with mine she remembers those adopted out.  Maddie was a special needs dog and Anna knew her story.  It's a never ending labor of love at Annie's and I highly recommend anyone looking to adopt to call and set up an appointment.  But when you stop by, bring tissues, I was as stated overwhelmed by how many dogs were there in need of a forever home. ~Joanne G., Bayfield, CO 1/2018